Contact Details and Directions

Telephone: 01725 553134

Mobile: 07779171851 (Sarah)


Address: Park Farm House, Tollard Royal, Wiltshire. SP5 5PU.

From Salisbury: Take the A354 to Blandford and after approximately 10 miles take a right-hand turn at a round-about signed ‘Shaftesbury’ and ‘Sixpenny Handley’. Drive through Sixpenny Handley (approximately a mile from the round-about) continue for three miles until you come the Tollard Royal sign. Keep going until you come to the village pond on the right; immediately turn sharp left and up a steep hill (with a war memorial on the right). Over the brow of the hill the road flattens out and continues round a right-hand bend; continue for another 100 yards and Park Farm House is on the left – the only house so you cannot miss it, with the name on a five-bar gate.

Coming from the A303 (in the Exeter direction):  Turn off and take the A350 to Shaftesbury; here you follow signs to Salisbury and the A30, including at a large roundabout (with The Chase Hotel on the left); take first left off the roundabout, signed to Salisbury/A30. Drive for approximately three miles until you come to a village called Ludwell. Drive down into the village and up the other side: three-quarters of the way up you see a sign ‘Tollard Royal’ to the right – take it.

After about half a mile the road goes up a steep hill and the road flattens after which you come to a junction. Take the left-hand turn signed to ‘Tollard Royal’ and drive along for a mile and half when you will see a fork to the right saying ‘Tollard Green’ – take it, taking care to watch for oncoming traffic as the bend is semi-blind. Proceed for a mile and a half until you come to the first road sign, which says ‘Tollard Green’ to the left: take that and proceed down lane for a mile until you come to the Tollard Park Livery Yard on the right: go past and proceed for 100 yards and Park Farm House is on the right.

Coming from Salisbury (via Wilton): Take the A30 to Shaftesbury. After approximately ten miles you arrive at the village of Ludwell. With the road starting to go down, take the sign left to ‘Tollard Royal’: then as per the instructions in 2 (above).